Sunday, July 4, 2010

Rules and stuff :-)

*only one picture per catergory*

I will post new categories on sundays

To enter a picture you must send a email to with the category in the subject line.
In your email message please send a picture as an attachment and also include your babys name and your wte screen name.
Pictures must have the baby's private parts covered.
Please submit photos for each category in separate e-mails.
Please submit it as an attachment.
You cannot change your picture once you have submitted it.
I will email you to let you know your pic has been received.


To vote, send an email to with the subject as Vote and in the body please put the category, your name, and who you are voting for; this can all be done in one email.
You can only vote once, and cannot change your vote, only WTE members can vote.
You must not vote for your own baby.

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